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In addition to this, I offer:

  • Tools to share effective gratitude
  • Focus on what works, as well as transforming what doesn’t
  • Supporting you in redefining your connection, commitment


  • Making goals and agreements
  • Centering, breath-work, and
  • Expressing emotions so they can be heard
  • Encouraging you to ask for what you want safely

I also offer field work that you do at home, to deepen and support your process.

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Coaching, Psychotheraphy & Counseling

“Ease in Communication
Helping you to say what you mean, and mean what you say.”

As a certified trainer with the international Center for Nonviolent Communication (NVC), I will guide you in finding mutual understanding and communication that both you and your partner understand and enjoy. Some people have great difficulty putting into words what they are feeling, and what they mean or what they want. OftenLife Partner Communiation for Support and Growth one starts with the best of intention and it ends up in an argument or "backfires." I offer you various tools to lessen potential tension and increase joy and love in your communication.

In couples counseling and communication coaching, I offer a safe, trusting space for you to hear one another and improve the dynamic of your relationship.

Sometimes the truth and original agreements we have made in our relationships get blurred or lost in the rigors of day-to-day living and responsibilities. Using my many modalities of training, intuition, and compassion, I help to guide you in finding and expressing your true feelings about a certain situation, yourself, and your partner, and support you in this process.

I will support both you and your partner in transforming your old patterns into your new, highest agreements to support the vision you desire now. I hold space for both of you, ensuring that you are both heard and feel safe and supported as you expand and deepen your relationship with each other.

  • Listen skillfully to find common understanding and common ground
  • Learn how to balance all needs involved, including your own
  • Learn to express effectively to create more harmony in your relationship
  • Get clarity on what needs you want to meet in your relationship
  • Find strategies that –really- work for everyone involved

"It is absolutely amazing to see/feel such a difference in our relationship. We are so much more connected to our needs and feelings and therefore so much more connected to each others'. This has led to an effortless happiness, even as we re-approach once "challenging" subjects. I'm so grateful for your support, wisdom and caring that helped make this possible- more than I can say. We will certainly be in touch more for continued support- Thank you!"

Sharon Gray, Seattle WA (Participant in couples workshop.)

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