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Elana: inspired, patient, engaged

"After several sessions working with Elana our family now has a shared understanding of what empathic listening is as well as a shared vocabulary to describe how we feel, what we need and how we can communicate about both.  Each of us, but especially our teenage daughter, can occasionally switch into 'Elana mode' when things heat up and model the compassionate engagement that we seek for our family.  We haven't yet achieved family harmony Nirvana but the path in that direction has been illuminated."

Jonathan Callahan, Seattle, WA

Elana: centered, strong, skilled

"Elana has helped our family. The most important aspect for me was the demonstration of empathic listening. This was the key that helped me get what I need from my partner, open my children's inner lives to me, and reduce sibling fighting. I have also used this in a work setting. I also just use it alone, with myself. Lots of other problems go away when I use empathic listening. Listening goes to the heart of the problem and let's it solve itself.
Thanks to you for making our family life better, not perfect, but better."

Leska Fore, Seattle, WA

Coaching, Psychotheraphy & Counseling

You are a consciously awake and aware parent. You know it because you spend a significant amount of time thinking every day how to evolve as a human being to become a better parent to your child/ren and the world. You cherish every stepping stone and precious moment you’ve had and will have raising your children. The fact you want to further enhance your relationship with your children is reason to celebrate.

If you are like most consciously awake and aware parents, chances are you feel a bit overwhelmed by the task at hand.

Lets face it! - being a consciously awake and aware parent in this day and age is a difficult undertaking. There are so many demands, pulling us in different directions:

It’s the well being of the child/ren, the partner, the co-parent, the house or living situation, the job, the money, school, soccer, piano, home work, influences of media, the internet … and then the micro challenges: the disagreements with your child/ren, the fighting between the siblings, the teacher’s support or lack there off, the laundry piling up, dinner not made … it goes on and on and on.

At some point you are at the end of your rope … you can’t do it anymore. You question your ability as a parent, as a partner and foremost you are wondering where did all the fun go? What happened to my connection with my child/ren, teen?

You realize that something needs to change. You are needing HANDS ON tools.

And here is where I can help: Not only am I here to support you as an individual in your parenting and communication practices, I work with the whole entire family:

  • how to talk, so your child/ren, teen/s listen
  • how to listen, so your child/ren, teen/s talk
  • how to listen, so your parent/s talk
  • how to talk, so your parent/s listen
  • creating cooperation and consideration (teamwork) amongst parents, co-parents, parent and child, teen and blended families
  • creating more choices for children, the whole family
  • supporting a non-coercive environment
  • empathy for the pains and joy in parenting and childhood, teen years
  • being present in the moment
  • learning how to express what you desire more effectively
  • co-parenting with different households
  • how to find community support for families
  • being recognized as an individual, not just in the role as a parent or child, teen
  • how to deal with topics such as: food, going to bed, internet access, brushing teeth, etc.
  • how to generate gratitude and celebration in your family
  • how to create the “WE” without losing the “Me”
  • supporting and creating strategies that work for all family members
  • making agreements with consent (- versus consensus)
  • focus on what works, as well as transforming what doesn’t
  • supporting you in redefining your connection, commitment
  • expressing emotions so they can be heard (anger, depression, grief, jealousy, etc.)
  • encouraging you to ask for what you want safely (without guilt, blame or shame)
  • mediation amongst family members

Whether I work with you as an individual or the whole family, I blend work that you do at home in addition to the work we do when we meet, to deepen and support your process.

I come to your house for House Visits - (2 hr minimum). Please contact me for more details (for clients located in Seattle).

Invest into creating a thriving and interconnected family, co-create your family experience together. Trust knowing that everyone needs matter.

I look forward to support you and your family achieve the harmony and joy you so deserve.


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