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Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Introduction

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Are you wondering what Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is all about? Come and find out ....

Designed to be a fun and engaging learning experience, this class will give you some new awareness and tools you can put to use immediately to transform your world, one dialogue at a time.

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a practical and learnable process for communicating with empathy, honesty, confidence and compassion. Nonviolent Communication (NVC) supports creating a quality of connection with oneself and others in which everyone's needs are equally valued. This allows people to create strategies and meaningful solutions that resolve issues and deepen relationships in all aspects of life.

Using Nonviolent Communication (NVC) tools, participants will learn how to transform everyday blame, shame, and critical expression into interactions that focus on mutual human needs.

  • Learn how to connect with yourself more often to be aware of more choices and to create clarity to make effective decisions.
  • Express yourself with confidence, so that you get more of what you want in relationships and at a work and have your contributions recognized.
  • Listen skillfully to find common understanding and common ground, especially when the other person isn’t accessible.
  • Learn how to balance everyone’s needs, including your own!
  • Experience more fun as you connect with yourself and others.
  • Create a sense of inner peace and meaning in your life, which frees you up to implement your desires and dreams.

"I especially think that doing the spontaneous roll-play with real people and real situations in an intro touches people right away. I think they can then see that NVC--and your class--is not contrived or manipulated, that it can work for real in the very short time of an intro."

Evan Gorsline, Seattle WA

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