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Week Long Family Camp

Check back for dates!

Space is Limited

To maximize interaction and provide you the best learning experience.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation is required 2 days in advance.

If you are unable to attend and do not cancel, you will be charged a courtesy fee of $50 or 10% of the class registraton fee, whichever is greater.


Our OVERALL VISION is to live in NVC consciousness with our families and each other in a natural, farmy, community setting. Family Camp is a place where everyone’s needs matter: - playing - learning - growing - loving... A place to explore the realm of compassionate strength and connection.

By offering each other our presence and empathy we will dip into what it’s like to live in a world where the intention is to contribute to the quality of connection  necessary to meet everyone’s needs.  We will explore how we are living NVC with ourselves, our children/youth and each other, with the intention of deepening our ability to integrate NVC into our daily lives and to build community with other families. We carry the hope that you will be able to extend your experience at the camp into your daily lives by fostering the connections you have made.

Most of last year's crew will be returning: Doug, Barbara, Elana, Maren, Dinah, George, Prem, Wendy and..more to be added!

We have the great fortune again this year of holding Family Camp at Four Fields Farm, the Dolstad farmstead on Vashon Island. The farm property holds 26 acres of fields, orchards, a stream and two forests.  There is beach access nearby to the shores of Puget Sound and plenty of room to frolic.  

Camping will be in tents (you provide), and there will be limited electrical and water hook ups available for RV's and camping trailers.  

About FOOD:  Food is a fun, creative and community focused part of camp! We strive to serve organic, local (much from the farm garden planted just ten steps from the kitchen just for our camp!), wholesome foods.  We're excited to have planned menus to please kids and adults, vegetarians, vegans, and those who enjoy some meat or fish as well.  

General Questions: Please contact Doug Dolstad or 206-567-4182.
• Family Camp includes opportunities for:
• Separate morning adults' and children's sessions
• Fostering self direction and self reliance with the awareness that there is a:
• ... 1:1 available ratio for children 2-4 and as needed
• ... 3:1 available ratio for children 5-12
• Intergenerational sessions
• Family and community play time
• Times for parents who teach or want to teach NVC to meet
• Empathy circles
• Yummy, healthy food!
• Relaxation, nature exploration, swimming, and more....

We're encouraging parents and others whose lives are closely intertwined with children/youth to come spend time in an environment that supports us as we learn and deepen our experience with NVC while our child/ren/youth have the opportunity to engage in activities that nurture their emotional, creative and interpersonal growth.

This Family Camp welcomes those who are new to NVC as well as those who are integrating their NVC practice into their lives.

Teens! Wow! So much is happening.  Bodies changing rapidly, responsibilities and abilities growing, belonging getting really important, and when did my parents become so lame?  Help your parents make a choice that is cool for you both.  Come to teen NVC camp, where you will be with other people your age, exploring that which is important to you, in a choice-filled program designed by you and other teens so that it's truly awesome.

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