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"When we understand the needs that motivate our own and others behavior, we have no enemies."

Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D.
founder of the International Center for Nonviolent Communication

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Recommended Resources for Improving Communication Skills

International Center for Nonviolent Communication

A global organization whose vision is a world where everyone's needs are met peacefully. Our mission is to contribute to this vision by facilitating the creation of life-serving systems within ourselves, inter-personally, and within organizations.... [more]

Northwest Compassionate Communication

Our mission is to contribute to this vision by living and teaching the process of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), which strengthens the ability of people to connect compassionately with themselves and with one another, to share resources, and to resolve conflicts.... [more]

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Skills Online

Living NVC supports all levels of NVC learning – from seasoned professionals to brand new enthusiasts. You will be inspired by the work from over 30 CNVC Certified Trainers from around the world! [more]

Seattle Hakomi Institute

Hakomi body-centered psychotherapy, an experiential therapeutic method originated by Ron Kurtz, is often described as assisted self-discovery. It can be experienced in one-on-one therapeutic sessions, weekend workshops, or as an extended training. [more]

Learn Peaceful Communication

Revolutionary, yet simple, NVC offers you the most effective tools to create more satisfying relationships—one interaction at a time. More than 250,000 people each year from all walks of life are learning these life-changing skills. [more]

Puddle Dancer Press

At best, communicating and thinking this way can create misunderstanding and frustration, or simply keep us from getting what we want. It can also keep us from the fulfilling relationships we deserve... [more]

Recommended Businesses

In addition, there are many people I'm thankful for having in my life and the services they provide are invaluable:

Dr. Matthew Howe at The Center of the Universe Network Care, a chiropractic approach different than you have ever experienced. Allow your spine to release your emotional memory, so that all of you is celebrating a YES!

Mark Goodman, a colleague and mentor of mine, has been a very steadfast presence in my life, personally as well as in supporting my private counseling and psychotherapy practice. I thoroughly enjoy 'landing' in his office to experience the spaciousness he provides to just allow myself to be and breath. The quality of presence that I have for my clients is infused with the work I do with Mark.

April Sotura, to learn how to use your voice with confidence – and so much more. April has supported me to discover my voice in depths that I never imagined possible.

Google, and all their applications that I use in my business.

Jessica Dewell, Elastic Rock, is the most patient and resourceful web designer I have met. If you would like marketing and email support in addition to designing your website, she is the woman to go to!

Monica and Steven at Studio 122, a dynamic and com-passionate duo. Their holistic approach to health is one of a kind. Make sure to ask for the “6 Steps to Total Health” workbook.

Rachel Valdez and her team of Design Mixologists have been working on designing a template for our new product coming out. Their endurance in supporting us and willingness to communicate to fully understand what we are wanting has been exceptional.

Ellen Newhouse has been a wonderful life companion. Her support has been life saving at times. Her intuition and energy work is remarkable! You are in for a treat!

Alan Seid’s integral approach to life has been a welcoming inspiration for me. Permaculture, financial integrity and empowered community – it’s all there!

One of most in depth transformative programs that I had the pleasure and honour to participate this year was in one of the Kore Leadership Programs for women. I truly life transforming experience!! The ripple effects of the WILO2 program are endless! I experience more confidence, self-connection and purpose in my life, just to name a few.

Irene Ingalls' artistic and intuitive gifts coupled with her endless support and energy created outstanding paintings for our project. Stay tuned what it will be and check out Irene’s artwork in the meantime. Truly a gift from heaven!

LeeAnn Starovasnik is an exceptional dedicated and committed support person in my life. Always connected to Source, she has been trusting my gifts and encouraged me to do so as well.

Nancy Allin is the prima donna in hypno birthing! As I was in labour with my younger daughter, I can truly say that I didn’t experience pain. I felt the strong force of it and yet it didn’t get to me. Thank you, Nancy!

After my younger daughter’s birth (which was also a home birth), Dr. Keith Halperin was the very first person that we went out of the house to see. His gentle approach with a 3 day old baby was outstanding. Keith has been a longstanding friend of the family, supporting us with his nutritional advice as well as chiropractic gifts.

If you are serious in changing your money blue print, please join the Peak Potential Team at their Millionaire Mind weekend. I guarantee you walk out a different person than you walked in.

Scott Wilson with his endless patience and willingness to explain the most simple things again and again, helped me to understand the world of accounting. Did you know that you have to file business and personal taxes separately? Yes, I know, I started literally from scratch! Please contact him for any accounting questions, especially small and medium size business related inquires.


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